“The data is in. Frogs don’t boil. But we might.” — Nick Obradovich and Frances C. Moore 
Everything will change. As always. The key question is: in what direction do we want to go? Some of the looming changes scare the hell out of us. Changes like climate change, the decline of biodiversity, and the increase in the global population keep us awake at night. And although everybody is aware, it feels like society is the frog that’s being boiled in a pan with water. We need to act. Now. Getting that urgency across is one of our core activities. Other changes also keep us awake because of the excitement they bring. The development of vaccines, new ways of food production, the future of solar and wind energy, generation Z leadership: they are very welcome. Because change is our reason of being, we felt the urge to create a thorough overview of what is coming our way.

+ Daphne Prieckaerts
Excellent article “The data is in. Frogs don’t boil. But we might.” 
It is fascinating how we, as humans, have this great adaptability but also destructive behaviour patterns.
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We believe we can change the future. That requires dreams, much more than a plan and a budget. Or, as Alan Clayton put it so beautifully: "Martin Luther King didn’t get up 60 years ago and say: I have a budget and a plan". We need dreams of a sustainable future. Dreams of a sharing and caring world. Dreams of health and happiness. Dreams of safety and security. Making dreams come true may look hard, but the alternative is harder. We. Can. Realize. Change. The reason to found in 2018 was simple: we don’t need more marketing, strategy, technology, or even design; we need change. And if we mix these four elements with perseverance, influence, and collaboration, we can realize change for society, for our clients, and for ourselves. Together we can change the world. Call us naive, optimistic, opportunistic, see us as the crew of a yellow submarine (“all together now”): we fight for the world of our children and grandchildren. With our soul and heart, all energy and knowledge we have. The more we share, the better the future will be. That’s why we created this project: ‘change’ with you. Together, we can change the future. Shall we? 

“The future depends on what you do today.” — Mahatma Gandhi