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Privacy is one of the most fundamental and probably underestimated rights we all have. When it comes to data privacy, many things are going on (you can read more about privacy in our ‘change project’).

In the words of data and intellectual property (IP) privacy lawyer Dr. Paulius Jurcys, one of the key debates in the data privacy space is over who should own personal, cell phone, and smart device data. To him, the answer is simple: “The vast majority of us would agree that individuals should be the owners of the data they generate.”

We totally agree. So, when you visit our site, we never collect any of your personal data other than the data we use to get proper analytics (and we use Google analytics for that). These data are always anonymous and can’t be traced back to you. Obviously, when you send us a mail for a job offering or a cup of coffee, we will register your data to get back to you. Do you have a question about this: please reach out to us at

Have a great day, and celebrate your privacy rights!